Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yes i am still here

Hi to all out there in craft land,

Wow it has it really been almost three months since i last posted, but i do have a good excuse i promise.
Almost 2 months ago my hubby and i brought our first home, so between my last post and now i have been busy packing, moving then straight away we started to do make some major changes (renovations) to our new home.
Since moving into our home we haven't even unpacked, only our bed, computer and entertainment centre have come out of the basement so far. i haven't even had a kitchen for the past 5 weeks and a few more to go until we have a working one. so if it can't be cooked in a microwave i am stuck.

We have also opened up our new (second) business, so between family, flying visits to OZ, the new house and the new business i can honestly say i haven't crafted at all in the 3 months. Oh i have attended a extravaganza and one class, but to me that does not count, as it was all someone else's work(design) not my own.

But i will be back in the near future, as i am starting to want to create again, especially as i am going to have my own craft room - up to now i have been enjoying creating of a different nature, with the new area we created in our home, i will put up a few before/after photos.

This is the lounge the day we moved in

this is the lounge halfway thru
90% finished

existing walls

no walls
existing kitchen

new kitchen, about half way thru.

So well i will leave you with these photos, and hopefully i will be back soon with photos of my new creations