Thursday, October 27, 2011

Try Stampin on Tuesday #38

Afternoon Crafters,

It is that time of the week again, it is time for a new challenge over at

And as usual it is a great sketch.

My mind is else where at the moment so i made a pretty simple card, but i am happy with the results.
When i first saw this sketch i had a much better card in mind, but i have so much happening on the home front that i went simple

Here is my card
(sorry for the photo quality)
I have used an older retired stamp set, which i seem to go to quite often, Bud Basics

To finish it off i have done a bit of spritizing with the early espresso pen, which i think finishes it off nicely

Now back to my home front.
 my daughter has had very long and hard road these past few years, with hassles from school and other outside issues, she had been asking since we came back to live here(NZ), if she could return to Australia, so after one low(almost depressive mood) too many, my hubby and i made the big decision to send her back to live with her Grandmother and attend school over there.
As a mum this has been a very hard decision to come to, there have been many tears already, and many more to come, as she is leaving on Tuesday next week, we need to get her settled into school as much as possible before the holidays so come next year it will be better for her.

On the bright side she will be coming home at Christmas time as her grandmother is also coming back for a holiday. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Special birthday

Afternoon stampers,

What a weekend, it was one that all of us kiwi's can feel proud about.
We beat the Australians in netball by one goal, and then we went on to beat the French by one point in the grand final of the Rugby World Cup,
Well done to both teams.

I had a blast on the night of the RWC final, we headed over to a friend of ours and joined them in a night of laughs, sighs, and breath holding moments, before, during and after the game.
i know i went to sleep with a smile on my face, well who wouldn't after such a great night.
And to top the weekend off the kids went back to school today, so now i can go shopping in peace, away from my own two and other kids at the mall.

In my last post i mentioned that a very dear friend of mine had just lost her father, but right in the middle of this was one of her Nephews birthday's.
 Every year for each of my friends children and one of her sisters children birthday's i always try to include a choc somewhere in the card.
This one was no different, but with the sad things happening at home, i wanted a little bit of an extra special birthday card for him.

Not long ago, i managed to get hold of some great little test tubes, which i knew i wanted to be included on the card somewhere. 
This is what i came up with.
I love this, in fact i have ear marked a couple more birthdays to do this for.

Here is a closer look
I have written on the back of the tall piece, this is right up my alley with the bright colours.
i even almost completely matched up the colours of the M&M's with our inks.

Well i am off to go and enjoy the rest of my day here in Hamilton, the sun is shining bright and the wind is finally laying low, bring on the summer tan......Don't think so i am getting to old to worry about that now, my swimsuit body has been laid to rest, bring on the cover ups *Giggle, Giggle*.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Try Stampin on Tuesday #37

Afternoon Stampers,

The sketch this week over at Try Stamping on Tuesday is a great one.
I had a sympathy card to do, so i used this sketch to do so.

Unfortunately i have had to make two sympathy cards this week, one for a family member of one of our staff, and the other one was for a very special friend of mine who lost her dad last week, My heart has gone out to her and her 3 sisters as they also lost their mum 6 years ago, the girls nursed both their mum and their dad until the end. 
The youngest sister is not quite 30, this was such a sad occasion, we are all so grateful that they have a very special and close knit bond, so they will always be together. My friend and i have been best buds since we were 2, and during my teen years, her dad became my weekend dad.
 R.I.P Paul, you have gone home to be with your beloved Jenny.

Here is the sketch i used for the staff member's card

i knew i had to use one of my new stamp sets that was yet to see and ink. So i choose my new set
 "Awash with flowers"
I can see this one getting a fair bit of ink time.

Here is my card

The need for a sympathy card for my best friend, came as such a surprise that i didn't have time to make one (in fact i wasn't in the mood to make one), we knew he was sick, but didn't expect him to go quite so soon, so i grabbed one from my "opps almost forgot" box,
it is not a favourite one of mine, but she loved it.
I gave her the concord crush one, as she is a purple girl.

So i had have a very busy and eventful week, one that included my - tried to forget, birthday, one in which i got spoiled with love and attention, but at least it is now over for another year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Try Stampin on Tuesday #36


This is a quick post as i have to head home (yes i'm doing this at work again) and get ready for our big night tonight. we are off to see Def Lepard play live in Auckland.

Wow two challenges in a row, i am on a roll.
The sketch this week was a tricky one, well for my half creative mind any way.
Here is this weeks sketch.

And here is my card
The bows are done using my new tool, a standard kitchen fork. It never fails to create the most perfect bow, in fact you can use anything that has tines

i also added a bit of sparkle as i found that this card needed that little bit of something extra.

Anyway must go so i will, be back in a few days to tell you all about the concert

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Try Stampin on Tuesday #35

Afternoon Stampers,

For the first time in what seems like ages i had a bit of mojo this morning, so i set to having a go at this weeks sketch challenge over at 

I have not had any creative juices for quiet a while now.
i did set myself a personal challenge to have a go at each and every one of their sketch challenges, but with missing mojo, this was rather hard.
So until it all returned i sat back and gave my craft room a miss.
But Hello this morning my creative brain kicked in - here to stay i hope.

Anyway here is this weeks sketch

And here is my attempt.

 I haven't added any sentiment as i am not sure of it's use as of yet.
Here is a close up of the flower
I added a bit of sparkle to the edges of the flower.

Now for a update on the home front. our son is without his prized vehicle...thanks to the local police and an impound yard. i have been busy running him around between Tec and his GF, i had gotten so used to him been able to run himself around. The daughter has had many ups and downs, life seems to be a hard road for her these days, so i am hoping that things will improve soon, before her confidence is completely shattered. And last but not least our foster son has made the big move back in with his mum, and from what i hear he is still doing well, but i have told him i am not giving up on him, and will keep popping in to see how he is going, and maybe offer a boot (where it is needed) or a hug.

So anyway i had better get back to the books (at work) and i will be trying my hardest to get back into my craft room now, so keep tuned for new creative splurges.