Monday, August 20, 2012

Ballerina Punch Art

Morning Crafters.

The other weekend i attended a birthday party for my cousins little girl who was turning 5 and in New Zealand this is a big birthday one to be celebrated by all, extended family included.

It was a fairy-tale dress-up for the kids, i went dressed as a fairy, i was told that as an adult i didn't have to dress up, but why should the kids have all of the fun, sorry i don't have any photos of that sight, there were none taken of me, well as far as i know there wern't any taken of me. But im sure some will surface sooner or later.

I only had a short time to make a birthday card for the birthday girl, i had totally forgotten about the party until that morning I love punch art and i haven't done any in a while, so i found a punch art girl i had done a while ago as a cheerleader and changed her into a sparkly ballerina, that is the beauty of punch art, you can adapt it into anything with a tweak here and there.

It was a great day, and even the sun came out which is great as can you imagine a whole bunch of 5 year olds stuck inside, i love kids but that would be a test for anyone.
In some ways it is a shame my two have grown up now, i really loved the parties for the young ones, i had just as much fun organising a fun day as i did on the big day, oh well i do have a few big birthdays coming up soon, who knows we might even have a turn back the time party, these are fun.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pintrest Tuesday

Afternoon crafters,

Crafters Anonymous each Tuesday have started something called Pintrest Tuesday, which is where we head over to the wonderful site and we all choose a craft item we like and we re-create it and add our own personal stamp to the item.

If you have never heard of Pintrest, it is like a community notice board, where you will find everything from crafts, cooking, home ideas and tips, i don't think there is a person out there who wouldn't find something on there to interest them

This past Tuesday i gave it a go for the first time, and i found a card i liked that was saved to my Likes, in Pintrest speak it is our favourite items we save to go back and look at, and maybe CASE  at a later date.
Here is my inspiration,  click on the link to go and have a look.

And here is what i came up with

I made it for a friend, who has had a rough time lately, i wanted to put a smile on her face, and it worked, apparently she has a smile a mile wide on her face all day, I love doing this, it makes the time spent sitting in the craft room so worth while.

I have had a chance to do a bit of crafting, so i will be back to showcase these at a later date, until then try n stay warm and dry

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet 16

Evening Crafters,

This is a short post as it is late and i still have a bit to do before i hit the hay for the night

A couple of weeks ago it was our youngest child's sweet 16th Birthday. Boy they grow up so fast, i seemed like only yesterday that she was a baby. now she is about to be let loose on the roads, sometimes i wish i could stop time and enjoy them being younger for a bit longer before they go out into the big wide world.

It took me a while to make her card, but she was patient. She did say it was worth the wait.
This card is complete with Green Mini M&M's, which with her didnt last long

Im not sure if you can guess her favourite colour.
If this doesn't give it away then maybe the colour of her room might

yes she loves green, the brighter the better.
So i dragged out an old colour, Green Galore, she really loves this colour so it is one of the old colours i won't part with.
She had a great birthday, hubby and myself are in the automotive trade, so we were able to get her a small car for her 16th, all she needs now is the piece of paper that says she can drive it, but that is still a work in project for her.

Well i must beddle off as i have too clean up my craft room after tonights class over at CA (crafters anonymous).

Friday, August 10, 2012

Teenage Birthday

Afternoon crafters,

Wow two days in a row and i have been able to grab a few minutes and create.
Today i managed to make two cards, one for a friend who's daughter turned 13 yesterday, and another one for my daughter who turned 16 last week, but she knows it is coming just a bit late, i feel real bad about that, but with any luck the one i made will make up for that. I will blog that when i get a chance to take a photo of it, (later).

Here is one of the cards.
I stamped first, then i hand cut out the heart for the sweet cup to fit through.
it was a quick n easy card, my favourite kind to create, i reckon it creates more of a challenge to use less rather than more

I just have to stop at the shop and fill it with red mini M&M's, i knew if i didn't take a photo now, i would end up giving it to her and not take a photo.

Well i must go and go the school run, I will blog that other creation tomorrow or early next week

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Peek - A - Boo

Hi there crafters,

Well with all that has been happening around the home i have found myself playing catch up with birthday cards and gifts.
Here is a gift box i was supposed to have ready by the 18th June, it is a little peek-A-Boo box.
Back during the last Christmas holidays one of my nieces had her ears done, and i promised her a few pairs of earrings for her birthday if she looked after her new earrings.

And being a child with a good memory she never let me forget, even has been patient while i found the time to make a little gift box and send them up to her, finally i have finished it and i can send them off to her. But i still have to do her birthday card, that i haven't gotten around to even starting, my crafting is a snatched 30mins here and there, i was going to sit down and lock myself away tonight and craft, but i forgot im off to the movies, so that will have to wait a day or so
The box has a double opening, the bottom layer having a peek-a-boo window to see the gift inside, being a girly girl there is plenty of bling, with a glittery heart.

Here is the box open to revel the peek-a-boo window, and more bling with two glittery hearts.
to open you just lift the second layer just like a normal box to retrieve the gift in case it is many pairs of small earrings.

well i must move on and finish my paper work
take care and try to stay dry