Sunday, February 27, 2011

Try Stampin on Tuesday #3

Evening crafters,
Wow what a week New Zealand has had.
My heart goes out to all of the families and loved ones affected by the big quake that hit Christchurch last Tuesday.
My family and i are very forunate that we do not know anyone living down there..but that does not make it any less easier to accept what has happened to our fellow Kiwi's.
I spent a good part of Tuesday glued to my T.V and shedding a few quiet tears.

A church on the other side of Hamilton were collecting much needed items to send down in a Mainfreight truck.
My family and i went shopping and spent just over $200 on essential living items, and also sent along 8-10 rubbish bags full of baby clothes...a let go business idea..
 It was heart warming to see our teenagers leading the way in the supermarket on what we should buy to send down...they got such a natural high from helping others, they smiled for the rest of the evening.

Now over to crafting.
I have been playing along with Try stampin on Tuesday for the past few weeks, i have come to really enjoy playing along with this challenge site
Here is this weeks sketch.

I had an idea in mind.
 I wanted to try an easel card using my new Top Note Die.
So here is my finished card.

I used a couple different techniques with this card
I did a bit of sponging, embossing.
The image is embossed with the background sponged in three different colours.
i am really happy with the outcome, the photo doesn't do this card any justice, it is so much prettier in person

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Add Ink #56...."Fairy Godfriend"

Evening all.

Today was a slow one, no matter how hard i tried to busy myself, the day im sure just kept getting slower and slower...that was until i sat down to do a bit of creating.

For today's creation i chose to do the sketch over at "Just Add Ink"
Here is the sketch

The card is a for a very special friend of mine, She suffers from an anxiety disorder, and can have some very rough times. 
So i though to put a smile on her face i would make her a card to let her know i'm here for her, even if it is just for a hug.
 I have also decided to make myself her "Fairy Godmother Friend" (if there's such a thing), to give her strength through those rough times.
I know she likes my creations, and this one is just for her.

I had a few firsts on this card...
First time using my new Top Note die
First time using a Digi Image
First time (and having a go at) using water colour paper.

I am really pleased with the finished result.
I left the background simple, as i wanted the "fairy Godmother Friend" to be the focal point

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Try Stampin on Tuesday....& Top 3 pick

Afternoon Stampers.

Well, i have had to have a few creative free days, due to a bad infection under my nail.
But the worst part is i have a false nail on the finger and haven't been able to get it removed due to the pain, so i can treat the infection, but with lots of soaking i have managed to bring it under control, and i have been able to create again....ya!!!

Yesterday over at Try Stampin on Tuesday, they released their second ever challenge, and once again i gave it a go. In fact i made two different cards using the same sketch

I made the top 3 last week, i was so pleased as this is my first top 3 pick,
see my badge on the Left hand side
Click here to see the Top 3 Pick entry

Here is this weeks sketch

For the first one i went for that ever hard to do Male card.

Im not sure of what i think of it, i like it but then again i don't,
 i think it is the sentiment that needs re-doing, but this is what happens when you attempt to do things late at night when you should be going to bed.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Creative Spree...

Morning Stampers.

Boy it has been hot, the humidity has been very high.
I think the lack of Mojo had something to do with the great books i have picked up lately and can't seem to put down.
Normally i really enjoy reading anything by the talented Nora Roberts/J D Robb, but i was told to read the book my sisters keeper, after i commented to a friend that i liked the movie, and she says the book was better. Now that i have read the book i have to agree the book is so much better. 
In fact i have gone and got more of Jodi Picoult's books.
Her books really captivate you, the last one i read was perfect Match and again what a brilliant book.

Well as promised here are the other two cards i made the other day.
Now these two i really like and is one i will copy time and time again.

I haven't added a sentiment as these will go into my stash to be used as emergency ....opp i almost forgot basket, and will add a sentiment as needed as these will suit any occasion

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A challenge to all......

Afternoon Stampers,

This is a quick post as i put up a post this morning.

I put a challenge out there to everyone,
 to use a stamp/s yet to see any ink.
We all have a stamp or stamps sitting there just waiting to be inked. 
I am going to try this and see if it works, as i have many stamps i'm yet to use, some i couldn't wait to receive but am yet to use them.
As i do this i will post them

Try Stampin on Tuesday..... Take #2

I found the sketch in the last post to be addictive, so i had another go at it,
This time a true Valentine's card.

Try stampin on a Tuesday

Morning Stampers

Boy oh boy i'm on a roll.........
Much to my husbands dislike my mojo seems to be washing over me right on bed time, i think this is because finally the busy thoughts of the day have left my mind and allows other thoughts to come through, not just the facts and figures from my daily paper work.

Last night was no exception, again after spotting a challenge, a new one at that, i had an idea and couldn't go to bed and rest until i had at least made a start on the new creation,
 but we all know how that works.........
i'll go to bed just after i finish adhering this piece or stamping that part.... yeah right
Next thing you know you have a finished creation in your hands... but i have realised if your really tired give up before you make a mistake and start again fresh tomorrow.

The new challenge is called......
"Try stamping on Tuesday",
click here and go on over and have a play as well.
Here is the sketch. Theme is Valentines.
But in my house hold we don't really do valentines, so i made this to put a smile on a friends face who is having a rough time at the moment, so i thought i would send her a not so "valentine" valentines card 

And here is my creation

The only thing about this one is i don't like, is the sentiment, i don't to add another layer or more colour, so it stays as it is
But over all it turned out great

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clean & Simple #126

Good morning to all, i hope you all have a great day ahead.
I have a busy one planned.
After doing a bit of blog hopping i came across a link to a challenge over on Danielle Daws blog, i regularly visit her blog as i really like her clean but very elegant designs, i take a lot of inspiration from her designs as i too like the clean look of cards. 
Click here to go on over and have a look at her great work.

The challenge was for "papertrey ink", they had released tag images in a free download in which you added to a card/project.
 But i missed this one, but still gave it a go to see what i could come up with,
 over at Clean and simple this week was this great sketch

So i combined the two challenges, and here is what i came up with

I'm not too happy with my water colouring, as my computer wouldn't co-operate so i could print this on water colour paper instead i had to settle for plain paper, which does not like this technique, and my yucky ribbons ends are thanks to the cat deciding that this card was almost too good to leave so he had to take a bite, and ended up fraying one side of it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mojo where for art thou....

Evening stampers,

Well my mojo still has not quite returned.
But today i did do a little bit of creating, in fact i just got my supplies out and went for it, i made four cards.
The first ones im not too happy with, but there is alot of room for improvement on these ones.

Here is the first two i made.

They were real simple, just using two colours.

As i stated in a previous post, i had a whole bunch of cards i had created and didn't know what to do with, so i gave them to the local (Brand new) Cancer Lodge, along with these two.
 So i have vowed when i am not busy making cards for family and friends i will make some simple ones to give away to local charities 
The other cards were ones in which i was trying out new techniques of ideas.

The last two i made i really like, the colours are just really catchy.
but you will have to wait a day or two until i show those ones to you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love and thoughts to Nth Queenslanders


I thought i would just pop in and give my love and thoughts to those who are affected by the up coming Cyclone.

Please stay safe, i will be thinking of you all.
 i lived over there (on the Gold Coast) for nearly 10 years, and while we were there we became Australians, so i think of Aussie as my home.

I have not been creating at all lately, as i have lost my mojo for the time being, i think that is partly to do with being very busy of late  

but i was wondering what does everybody else do with the cards that tend to build up as we always tend to make far more than we need,
 im thinking of giving them to a local charity - Lions Cancer Lodge for their clients to use as their wish,  
I would love to hear what everybody else does.

As im also looking at making a whole of cards and again giving them to a deserving cause, to fill in those quiet times