Friday, August 19, 2011

Craters Anonymous = fun fun fun

Hello Stampers,

For the past little while i have been part of a fantastic group of ladies, 
over at crafters Anonymous.
Where we have the most brilliant and funny online chats, we also share our creations, and the best part is you get to met so many other like minded ladies.

Each Monday we do an online blind class, hosted by a different very talented lady each week, who shares with us a great new idea, and every second Thursdays we have an online blind technique class.
A few weeks ago we did the Faux postage stamp look.
I have already posted the card i made on the night, but here is another card i made using the same technique, but with the added fancy fold,
( this was made before the missing mojo)

i used my all time favourite DSP, Parisian Breeze

here is the fancy fold part
It is the front square that opens not the whole piece, i am really liking how this turned out.

Also over at CA i was chosen to the featured artist of the week (last week)
so take a look over on the left hand side of my blog to see my badge.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing in action.......where has it gone ???

Hello stampers.

Well this is the million dollar question.
I have lost all of my mojo, i do not have any creative juices at all at the moment.
Normally after a bit of blurfing (blog surfing) my mojo hits top gear and away i go again, but lately even blurfing has failed to have this effect.
i have a few things i need to get done, but am struggling to do so
I have been doing a little bit of creating, but nothing major, it all has been very simple.

Here is a card i made for a friend of mine daughter's birthday, in the past i had made her pretty cards, and made the boys cards using sweet treat cups, so this time i made one for her as well using a sweet treat cup

I have been trying to do a few pages in my kids scrapbook.
So far i have done a couple of now pages, and almost completed their first page in their younger days albums, so once i finish those i will get some photos and pop them up.

Anyway on the home front, our new family member is settling in fine, he is loving being back in school, and is getting good marks.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy 15th Birthday

Morning Stampers...

This card was made for my Daughters 15th birthday back on the 31st, 
this is one that took a long time to come up with, it is hard to put things together when your mojo is lacking, or in my case gone competely

But i am really happy with the out come
Sorry for the photo, i had to be quick and get the photo before she ate the lollies, as i forgot to take a photo before i gave it to her, well almost didn't get the photo, some of the lollies are missing.

here is the card open
And a side view
See i even forgot the sentiment.

now for what has been happening in my life....well where do i start.
I now have a new family member, i have taken in a 15yr old boy who needed a family to love him, 
we are all so blessed to have the love and support from our families, but there are those out there who don't have that basic need of life. I couldn't turn my back on someone who needed this love, and as a mum i have alot of love to share around.
We all have been busy adjusting to the new addition, and there have been many meetings with winz and social workers to make it all happen.
He wasn't in school, getting regular food nor basic needs of life........ access to fresh water and toilets.
All this while living with a family member.
But since he has been living with us he is now in school, with big plans for the future. a dry and clean room and all the food he wants...being a teenager he likes his food.

He knows he has been given a golden opportunity, and he is very keen to make the most of it, or the only other choice is go back to that family member.

So yes i have been busy, and with life starting to settle, i should be able to get back into the swing of creating.

See you all soon

Friday, August 5, 2011

Try Stampin on Tuesday #26

Afternoon Crafters...

I have not blogged in a while in fact i even broke my own personal challenge of doing each and every challenge put up for the talented ladies over at

i have had a very busy time of late, combined with a lack of mojo.
But i have been doing the odd thing, so i will post those over the next week or so.
My mojo has been so low i have taken to re-creating past favorite cards for the few birthdays i have had to do.
I have also done a couple of pages for my family's scrapbook's that i have just started to do

 This week there is a great challenge over at Try Stampin on Tuesday.
Here is their sketch

Here is my attempt,

Here is a close up of the background i used, it was done with just using a stamp versamark

 i used a digi art image from the fantastic site

anyway i must be off i have lots more to do, i will fill you all in soon, and the happenings in my life that is keeping me away from my blog and craft room