Friday, September 23, 2011

Another male birthday

Afternoon stampers,

On Monday this past week, my son celebrated his 17th birthday. I am starting to feel old now, my two children are growing up so fast, it wont be long before they spread their wings and venture out on their own...i will admit that i am not looking forward to that day, im sure there will be many private tears when it does happen. heres hoping there are still a few more years yet before i have to cross that bridge.

I had alot of trouble with his card, as in some ways he is still young, but in other ways he is so much older now.
So instead of settling for a teenage card, i went for a more mature card.

Next year for his 18th i have a fun card already picked out for him.

I hope everybody is enjoying this wonderful spring weather, well today here in Hamilton is is a wonderful day, almost a shame i have to sit here in my office and do paper work, lets hope it lasts until the weekend so i can go out and at least enjoy some of it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thinking of you

Morning Stampers,

This past week has been one of many laughs, i had alot of fun at my first paintballing experience, i can say i was worried going in as i was the only female on both teams, so i was either going to be a big target or they would be nice to me, i can say once they found me i was a big target... my team won, but i am sporting a couple of great bruises thanks to a few good hits from the opposition.
I only feel them when the family cat tries to make him self comfortable on my lap in the evening. 

I hope you all have been keeping nice and warm this past week, i know it has been cold here in Hamilton, and here i was thinking last weekend was the start of spring, i even got a bit of sun, but no........ just to return us to the land of reality the cold has crept back in.

 Believe it or not i have been doing a bit of crafting, well i should say i have had to with the odd request here and there for cards, which i really love doing for others, as it normally gives me the opportunity to try something new.

This week i was asked to do a card for a friend of a friend who has just had surgery and was recovering. I don't have any "hope your feeling better" stamps, so i went with "thinking of you".
But i didn't have much time so i didn't try anything new, i just went with a bit of heat embossing.

The round stamped images are all heat embossed with clear powder, with the receiver being a male i went with my old time fav colour combination, 
Blue, Kraft and Choc Chip.

At least i heard it brought a smile to his face, that is the greatest reward to me.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to the man in my life

Afternoon stampers.

This week was my darling husband's birthday, and i swear each year it is getting harder and harder to buy for him. he is not the easiest person to buy for.
After being together for nearly 24 years, i have run out of all ideas on gifts for him. But this time i ended up taking him out to the movies at the La Premiere theater, which has very comfortable leather lazyboys, we had a snack while watching the beginning of the movie, then bout half way through the movie they brought us in our desserts. It was a very enjoyable night and the movie "Crazy stupid love", was great.

I have struggled with male cards, so it is always even harder to make that special card for that special person in your life.
But i think i managed to get it just right 

Now the next challenge will be for my son's 17th on Monday, oh boy what to do there.

 Wherever you are tonight enjoy the All Blacks game, if you plan on watching it.
 I know my town is going crazy about this game, they have been all week, It is a big deal for us here in Hamilton.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yes i am still here.

Hi Stampers,

Boy has it really been 3 weeks since my last post....i guess it has been.
 So much has been happening. 
I have attended a SU big day out, and boy oh boy it was so much fun, i got to met ladies that i have spent the past few months talking to online. It was just brilliant to put faces to names.
Here is a photo of us CA ladies.
FRONT: Helen Williams
SECOND ROW: (Left to Right) Dee Sturgeon, Narelle Hoggard, Louise Hopman
THIRD ROW: Raine Walton, Debi Ryan, Bev Poultney, Julia Leece, Heather Stewart, Shona Davy, Sally Williams.
FOURTH ROW: Rhonda Fawcett, Cindy Backhouse, Kristine McNickle
BACK ROW: Sharna Russell, Baby Holle & Claire Mason, Judy Kilmore, Faazia Sherrard, Karen Williamson, Katrina Bongers

Life has been so busy that it has been very hard to find time to create. I am also suffering with a sore arm, and when i do spend time stamping or creating, i seem to be spending just about as much time with an aching arm afterwards.
I can honestly say that i have only made about 1-3 cards lately.
i still have not got much mojo happening, but i have been busy doing a project or two.
Over at Crafters anonynous (CA) we have an up coming secret sister swap, so i have been busy trying to get it all finished so i can get in the post to my lucky swap sister.

I do have a card i want to share today, i was asked to make a card for my daughters new boyfriend, it was his birthday on the weekend, but with mojo lacking i went back to an old favorite of mine, but just used a different layout, i have lost count the number of times i have now used this particular stamp in this way.
So here is the boyfriends card

i am so hoping the mojo returns soon, as from here until Christmas i have a busy time with birthdays starting tomorrow it is my husbands birthday, i do have a card made for that, so i will post that in the upcoming days.

But that raises a bigger question...what to get him, he has no hobbies(too busy with our business), no real interests and if he wants anything he just goes and buys it for himself.

Anyway i must go, and rest my arm i had to make Hubby's card this morning, and the arm is showing me it is there, As if i didn't know that already