Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Warm wishes for an ill friend

Hi Crafters,

Isn't it hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of the first month of the new year already.
I have been enjoyed getting back into the swing of normal daily life, and for those lucky few i know that are still enjoying a bit of R&R, don't rub it in.

Anyway i have still not gotten back into my craft room very much, as this year is so far showing signs of being a busy year ahead.
It is going to be an exciting year for myself and my family. 
Yesterday our Daughter started back at school over in Australia and also her first shift at her first ever part time job. Our daughter (15yrs) lives over on the gold coast and attends school there, but she was home over the holidays. The month flew by far too quickly, i am missing her already. 
 Our son had a big day yesterday too, he started his first day of full time work, and all going well he will have a Engineering apprenticeship come June. 
And i have a exciting time ahead but i can't say anything more on that front, but will tell all once i am able to.

So back to carding, today's card is one i did yesterday for a very good friend of mine who underwent surgery, i wanted to brighten up her day as she was not looking foward to this day at all. i made up a R&R pack for her while she sits back and recovers, i put in some juice, magazines and some chocs so she has the energy to turn the pages, and a blackout mask so she can sleep without the sunny days stopping her from doing so (yes believe it or not we have sunshine)
 The saying isn't one im fond off for this card, but it was the only "get well" or "feeling unwell" stamp i had, but she loved it and yes it did put a smile on her face, 

anyway im off i had better go and fix up the months books, apparently if you leave them they don't do themselves, just wish full thinking, maybe a part of me is still in holiday mode.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to a new year

Afternoon crafters,

Happy new year
I know it is a fraction too late, but this is the first time this year i have been back and visited my blog, slack i know but i took a holiday away from my crafts, and even blog surfing.
Apart from the occasional card i had to make during the break, i have enjoyed this time to sit back relax and enjoy the precious sun that we got, when it showed. I think someone forgot to tell the weather god that it is summer here in NZ. I hope you all have had a relaxing safe and happy holiday season, i worked through but did manage 3 days up at the beach this past Monday
 From here on in until June i have a very quiet time on the card front, so this is normally the time i end up trying out new techniques and ideas.
I have already seen a few new ideas i want to play around with, oh exciting times ahead.

The card i want to show today is one i did recently for my F-I-L's 60th birthday.
I got to play with my new stamp set "The Open Sea"
 I really enjoyed making this card, the ship and the anchor has been clear embossed. The background of the ship is a piece of cardstock that i stamped then just rumpled up and then flattened back out.

Well i must get back to my blog surfing i have alot to catch up on......oh and my paper work i supposed i had better do that as well