Friday, December 23, 2011

Where has the time gone....pt2

Morning All,

So where did i leave off yesterday. Oh that is right birthdays cards, i have had a few birthdays pop up in the last month, including annivarsary cards. Oh blast i have just noticed that i have forgotten to take a photo of a few of them, double blast.
Birthday cards are so much fun to do, i always love trying to tie them in with the person receiving them

This was for my youngest sister's 18th birthday, and she is a wonderful bass player
                            This one was for my Neice's 15th birthday
  Every year my best friends kids challenge me, as they love the cards with the sweet treat cups in them, so each and every birthday, i have to come up with something new using them, this year i had access (i know Shame on me, i don't own this set Yet!! ) to this set, so i was yet to do a gumball one, one i had fogotten to take a photo of was one for Nathan's brother, for his i used a test tube instead
 And last but not least, this one was made for a special friend, Kelly it was her birthday day yesterday, and on many occassions she is down in the dumps, as she is an Amercian and is missing her home and family very much, something i could always understand, as i lived away from my family for 7 years
What the photo doesn't show is that there is a little bit of bling on the big flower, yes the ribbon is hiding a Boo Boo

So anyway i am off to go finish my Christmas shopping as i am teenager free for a few hours, also it is another busy day ahead, Staff party, doc's appts, nail appts must have them looking all blingy for Christmas, well tidied up anyway
Sorry one last photo, i had to show you my nails done up for Christmas, i got them done a couple weeks ago now, they are not painted, but done in coloured acrylic, everywhere i go people love them.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where has the time gone

Hi Stampers,

I have just noticed that i have not posted a post in nearly a month.
I can sum that all up in one word "Life", my life has been hectic for the past month, between work, home and christmas, i have not had much quality time to be able to sit and either blog, blurf or even create.
I have done a bit of creating over the past few weeks, i have had a few birthdays and of course there are the Christmas cards to do.
So in this post i will show some of the projects ih ave been working on, might even have to do it over a couple of posts to keep the photos down
So here goes

This is my Christmas card this year.
i CASEd it from a wonderful lady over at CA, Dawn Ferguson NSW
  The centre of this card was designed for our ATC swap, but im sorry as i made two ATC swaps at the same time i cannot remember if it was our CA swap or the Creative inker swap, im sure a fellow blogger will let me know which one, see i have been very busy
 This is a gift card holder i made to hold some special gift cards
 And the inside, thanks to my Sister Narelle for the idea & measurements
 I will blog the Birthday cards in another post, Sorry if this was a long post.
See you all back here tomorrow for part two of my creative days gone by (well last month anyway)