Monday, July 23, 2012

With Heartfelt Sympathy

Hi there,

I had to make a card for a dear friend of mine, who lost her father the other day after losing his battle with a lung disorder.

I am yet to catch up with her but i made the card to let her know i am thinking of her and her family at this time.
As you are all in agreement these cards are not the easiest ones to make. I find they take me a while to do no matter how simple or complicated i make them, as i want to get these cards just right.
With the making of this card i got to break out a set i have had for quite a while but with not having a craft room, i haven't been able to play, i do have a few other sets that are calling out to be used for the first time, so as i find time i will be  playing with these im sure.

One thing i have found is that since i haven't crafted in so long i have forgotten a few techniques and what to do with certain tools, so the first few moments when i have been sitting down to create, is spent here working out where to start, then away i go.

Anyway here is my card
I added a touch of glitter to the flowers, just to add a sprinkle of love
Sorry for the photo quality, as i have taken the photo at night, as i do not know when i am able to get back to blog this, so it was all done as i was sitting here creating, that way there would be no excuses.

I also thought i had better add a photo of the nearly finished kitchen, as i have added ones of the before and during, and as of yet a finished one
Just the splash back, toe kicks and the counter front to finish in this photo.

We have now finished the kitchen/lounge/dinning and two other rooms but there is still a lot to do, the problem with getting a bigger place is the amount of painting that there is to be done, but slowly it is all been re-vamped, i must admit i am enjoying it all.

Well enjoy the week ahead, and look forward to seeing you here again soon

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yippee i am able craft again

Hi De Hi,

Finally i am back and i am able to craft again, i have finished a room in my home where i can set up and once again start to create.This room is only temporary as i will have a room just for me soon, but is at the moment under going a few changes. But as i am still very busy i am not sure how often i can enjoy this bit of down time to craft.

I have missed the opportunity to make few birthday card during my down time, but i will make up for them by doing super dooper ones for them when their birthdays roll around again.

Just in the last couple of days i have had to make a couple of cards, one in which i will share today the other one i will share in a day or so.
The first one is a card and a project. One of our staff (they feel like family to us) has just had a beautiful baby girl, third baby for their growing family and i wanted to do something different, so after seeing this many times i had a go at making a nappy cake.

There are about 30 nappies under Ted, and also under Ted in the middle is a selection of baby lotions and bath washes, around Ted is rolled up singlets, socks, hats and so on, it was finished off with cellophane and ribbon.

Here is a side view
there was a bit more added to it before i wrapped it up, but once again i forgot to take a completed photo

here is the card i made to go with their gift
Opps i just realised i forgot to take a photo, so i will have to see if i can get a photo of it when i go back for a visit and cuddle.

Enjoy your weekend, and i look forward to catching up with everybody via your blogs or messages.