Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy bow tutorial

Yesterday i posted a card in which i used an easy technique to make a bow.
today i will (try) to explain how i did it

i used SU double rectangle punch and punched where i wanted the bow to be

next thread the ribbon through from the front towards the back of the card

turn your card over, cross the ribbon over and push through the opposite sides. Once you have done this turn your card over to the front and you have the makings of a simple knot, cut the ends now if you want this look.

To make the loop, push the ribbon ends back through the same slot you just pulled them through, leaving a loop. 

So i hope this was clear enough to follow, this was my first attempt at a photo tutorial


  1. You little legend, Sharna! Thanks for sharing that - I've never seen it before. Love it, thank you.