Monday, January 10, 2011

A Very Clever Hubby.....

Afternoon stampers.

Today's post is a creative one but not stamping.

 My husband only had a few days off from the business but doesn't like to sit still.

 We wanted a new bed and drawers for our daughter, and after pricing up these he decided to have a go and make something himself for her.

And as you can see the end results are great.
 He made a loft bed complete with drawers underneath and a shelf for her stereo.
All he started with was her bed base.
After this photo was taken, it was varnished and then dismantled and re-set up in her room. 
We also did the rest of her room up, as her favourite colour is green, we got green curtains, pillows and we even painted the old little set of drawers green....which you can see behind the bed drying out in the sun.

We did all of this while she was away at the 19th Adventure scout jamboree, held out at Mystery Creek, Hamilton. There were 4000 scouts out there from all over the world.

When she came home and saw all that we did she cried.... so we guess it was a hit.

She had a great time at camp, but not as good as it could have been, as she broke her wrist on the first day at the first activity. the Dr's told her from here on in all she could do was stay there but not do anything else....let me tell you they don't know my daughter.
There were only a couple of activities that she had to miss out on like rock climbing.
We found out that plastic bags and duck tape fixes most things.


  1. Wow, you do have a creative Hubby Sharna!! What a fantastic bed for your daughter :-)

  2. What a star! You have one clever hubby, Sharna! Hugs xxaxx