Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun, Techniques and great company

Morning Stampers,

Does this sound like you.
I am a member of a fabulous craft site run by some very creative and brilliant ladies, from both NZ and Australia.
Crafters Anonymous

If you would like to be become part of this wonderful site please ask me how to become a member.
The membership is a whole $20AUD a year to part of, but listen to what you can be part of.

Weekly online blind classes - these are done via a chat room, with only written instructions, and the odd photo to help you out. you are given a list if ingredients before the night, then you just pop into the chat room on the night and start having fun, no-one knows what the end product will be.

Online Technique classes, done much the same way at the classes mentioned above.
A place to show your creations, and to meet other great like minded ladies.
We have very funny chats, and the occasional fun events to attend 

Anyway on Thursday night we had a technique class, and it was making faux postage stamps.
What a brilliant class.
Here is my end result

So ask me about joining the great site so you too can come and play along

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  1. Another great technique ... and it sounds like you have heaps of fun! Sigh ... if only I had the time! But ... have bookmarked for future ref! Hugs xxaxx