Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to a new year

Afternoon crafters,

Happy new year
I know it is a fraction too late, but this is the first time this year i have been back and visited my blog, slack i know but i took a holiday away from my crafts, and even blog surfing.
Apart from the occasional card i had to make during the break, i have enjoyed this time to sit back relax and enjoy the precious sun that we got, when it showed. I think someone forgot to tell the weather god that it is summer here in NZ. I hope you all have had a relaxing safe and happy holiday season, i worked through but did manage 3 days up at the beach this past Monday
 From here on in until June i have a very quiet time on the card front, so this is normally the time i end up trying out new techniques and ideas.
I have already seen a few new ideas i want to play around with, oh exciting times ahead.

The card i want to show today is one i did recently for my F-I-L's 60th birthday.
I got to play with my new stamp set "The Open Sea"
 I really enjoyed making this card, the ship and the anchor has been clear embossed. The background of the ship is a piece of cardstock that i stamped then just rumpled up and then flattened back out.

Well i must get back to my blog surfing i have alot to catch up on......oh and my paper work i supposed i had better do that as well

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