Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday

Morning Stampers,

opps i was supposed to schedule this not post it, oh well two posts in one day

Well it going to be a great day today, the morning started off with a surprising phone call from my local radio station, stating that i had won the weekly lunch shout....
They are coming to our business to make us a whole bunch of sandwiches using the amazing new bread from the Burgen range, and fresh will be well welcomed by all,
pity to the two who didn't come in to work.

Anyway today im going to share with you the two cards i made for my twin nieces who turned 2 on Saturday.
i haven't seen them for a while as they live in another town, and wow, they are little people now, not babies anymore, and they are so cute, if they hurt each other, they have been taught to turn around and give the other one a hug and say was the cutest thing to see one twin trying to console the other by hugging her and patting her on the back and saying sorry.

Here are the cards i made...i love punch art for the younger ones

Being twins, i kept the bases the same but added a different center piece.
On the inside i added the same piece of DSP along the bottom half and a Whisper White top note as well to write on.

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  1. Stunning, just straight up Stunning.