Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday

Morning Stampers,

What i have to share today is a card i did for my dad's upcoming 60th birthday.
My younger sister turned 21 last month and my dad is turning 60 next month so on the 14th of this month  they held a combined party.
I gave my sister her card on her actual birthday, and i gave dad his card when i saw him, as with him living in another town, i don't see him that often at all.

I had a blast at the party catching up with a few family members who i haven't seen since my kids were babies, they are now both in their mid to late teens, so it has been a long time between visits.
Also i learn't a very important thing, don't send the men out to get you your wine...
Well it did taste a whole lot better with a little bit of juice added.....

Here is the card i made for dad

Over at try Stampin on Tuesday, i again made the top three this week. Congrats also go to Helen Williams and Sarah for their top three picks as well.
 I urge everybody to go on over and have a play, CherylAnn's weekly challenges are fantastic.
Here is my badge
The card i did for last weeks challenge was done with a new friend in mind.
i have been part of this round of U Stamp with Dawn and Friends.
And through this site i have been chatting to some amazing people, from Australia, America and of course right here in NZ.
I wanted to send a hello to Helen Williams, a demonstrator from Timaru, NZ, also to thank her for her kind words when you ask those silly questions all newbies ask.
So i made the card with her in mind.
here is the card

Anyway i am sitting here writing this and trying to figure out what i am going to do for this weeks challenge,
Again i have a another special new friend in mind, this one is going to go further abroad though.
But i am not going to say who in case she pops in and sees her name, then it won't be a surprise

Till then take care all of you out there in blogger land

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