Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing in action.......where has it gone ???

Hello stampers.

Well this is the million dollar question.
I have lost all of my mojo, i do not have any creative juices at all at the moment.
Normally after a bit of blurfing (blog surfing) my mojo hits top gear and away i go again, but lately even blurfing has failed to have this effect.
i have a few things i need to get done, but am struggling to do so
I have been doing a little bit of creating, but nothing major, it all has been very simple.

Here is a card i made for a friend of mine daughter's birthday, in the past i had made her pretty cards, and made the boys cards using sweet treat cups, so this time i made one for her as well using a sweet treat cup

I have been trying to do a few pages in my kids scrapbook.
So far i have done a couple of now pages, and almost completed their first page in their younger days albums, so once i finish those i will get some photos and pop them up.

Anyway on the home front, our new family member is settling in fine, he is loving being back in school, and is getting good marks.

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  1. Well ... if this is done with "missing mojo" ... then you are well on the way back, hunny! Love this idea! Especially the musk candy!! MMMmmm Hugs xxaxx