Friday, December 10, 2010

Stop.... Ready......Go....have fun!

Morning Stampers,

Yesterday i had to make a card for my best friends youngest son's birthday, and after setting the bar high with a great sweet treat cup card for his older brother (earlier in the year) i had to come up with something just as good.
Well i think i hit the mark with this card. i decided to make one based on a set of traffic lights.
using the bottom colour Green for the sweet treat cup.

 A few people commented that it should have read..... ready...set....go...., so i added the little "get and &"
now it makes sense, i also cut out the letters in the same colours on the front to form the words 
"have fun" and put them on the inside, but i didn't get a photo of this.

Now i have the added bonus of trying to top this as the middle boy also has a birthday next week.
This one is going to be a bit late i think, as i might use a stamp set i currently have on order, so I'm waiting very patiently for this to arrive.

Until then have a great weekend ahead

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  1. Super cute, Sharna! And ... we all know what you mean! :D Enjoyed scrolling back to see what I have missed over the last few days. My dh has been given 2 tickets to Bon Jovi for $40 each! Isn't he lucky! We had to do a draw to see who went with him. My son (22) won! So ... off they go next Friday! Very excited! They all went last time JBJ was here. Glad you had fun! Hugs xxaxx