Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love and thoughts to Nth Queenslanders


I thought i would just pop in and give my love and thoughts to those who are affected by the up coming Cyclone.

Please stay safe, i will be thinking of you all.
 i lived over there (on the Gold Coast) for nearly 10 years, and while we were there we became Australians, so i think of Aussie as my home.

I have not been creating at all lately, as i have lost my mojo for the time being, i think that is partly to do with being very busy of late  

but i was wondering what does everybody else do with the cards that tend to build up as we always tend to make far more than we need,
 im thinking of giving them to a local charity - Lions Cancer Lodge for their clients to use as their wish,  
I would love to hear what everybody else does.

As im also looking at making a whole of cards and again giving them to a deserving cause, to fill in those quiet times

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