Monday, February 7, 2011

Mojo where for art thou....

Evening stampers,

Well my mojo still has not quite returned.
But today i did do a little bit of creating, in fact i just got my supplies out and went for it, i made four cards.
The first ones im not too happy with, but there is alot of room for improvement on these ones.

Here is the first two i made.

They were real simple, just using two colours.

As i stated in a previous post, i had a whole bunch of cards i had created and didn't know what to do with, so i gave them to the local (Brand new) Cancer Lodge, along with these two.
 So i have vowed when i am not busy making cards for family and friends i will make some simple ones to give away to local charities 
The other cards were ones in which i was trying out new techniques of ideas.

The last two i made i really like, the colours are just really catchy.
but you will have to wait a day or two until i show those ones to you.


  1. I quite like them - if this is your mojo down, I can't wait until it is up again :)

  2. I am sure the charities will love them all - and if my mojo-less cards looked half as good as that I'd be happy.