Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thinking of you

Morning Stampers,

This past week has been one of many laughs, i had alot of fun at my first paintballing experience, i can say i was worried going in as i was the only female on both teams, so i was either going to be a big target or they would be nice to me, i can say once they found me i was a big target... my team won, but i am sporting a couple of great bruises thanks to a few good hits from the opposition.
I only feel them when the family cat tries to make him self comfortable on my lap in the evening. 

I hope you all have been keeping nice and warm this past week, i know it has been cold here in Hamilton, and here i was thinking last weekend was the start of spring, i even got a bit of sun, but no........ just to return us to the land of reality the cold has crept back in.

 Believe it or not i have been doing a bit of crafting, well i should say i have had to with the odd request here and there for cards, which i really love doing for others, as it normally gives me the opportunity to try something new.

This week i was asked to do a card for a friend of a friend who has just had surgery and was recovering. I don't have any "hope your feeling better" stamps, so i went with "thinking of you".
But i didn't have much time so i didn't try anything new, i just went with a bit of heat embossing.

The round stamped images are all heat embossed with clear powder, with the receiver being a male i went with my old time fav colour combination, 
Blue, Kraft and Choc Chip.

At least i heard it brought a smile to his face, that is the greatest reward to me.

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  1. I guessed this was a male card!!! I wonder what gave it away??? Great job, Sharna! And ... here in Wollongong ... the warm weather was also lulling us into a false sense of security. But ... I think finally we are going to get a few days of spring sunshine! (Although today is really windy!) Hugs xxaxx