Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Special birthday

Afternoon stampers,

What a weekend, it was one that all of us kiwi's can feel proud about.
We beat the Australians in netball by one goal, and then we went on to beat the French by one point in the grand final of the Rugby World Cup,
Well done to both teams.

I had a blast on the night of the RWC final, we headed over to a friend of ours and joined them in a night of laughs, sighs, and breath holding moments, before, during and after the game.
i know i went to sleep with a smile on my face, well who wouldn't after such a great night.
And to top the weekend off the kids went back to school today, so now i can go shopping in peace, away from my own two and other kids at the mall.

In my last post i mentioned that a very dear friend of mine had just lost her father, but right in the middle of this was one of her Nephews birthday's.
 Every year for each of my friends children and one of her sisters children birthday's i always try to include a choc somewhere in the card.
This one was no different, but with the sad things happening at home, i wanted a little bit of an extra special birthday card for him.

Not long ago, i managed to get hold of some great little test tubes, which i knew i wanted to be included on the card somewhere. 
This is what i came up with.
I love this, in fact i have ear marked a couple more birthdays to do this for.

Here is a closer look
I have written on the back of the tall piece, this is right up my alley with the bright colours.
i even almost completely matched up the colours of the M&M's with our inks.

Well i am off to go and enjoy the rest of my day here in Hamilton, the sun is shining bright and the wind is finally laying low, bring on the summer tan......Don't think so i am getting to old to worry about that now, my swimsuit body has been laid to rest, bring on the cover ups *Giggle, Giggle*.

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  1. Oh ... just for the record ... the Aussies beat the Kiwis in the 2nd match (netball). I guess we will both be waiting to see the result of the next match! But ... congrats to the All Blacks for their rugby win. Very well deserved ... and ... yes ... we were barracking for our Tasman cousins to win against France! This funky card is fantastic! Well done, Sharna! Hugs xx