Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An extra special birthday card

Afternoon stampers,

Last month was my birthday, and this year as always i had a great time, but i wanted to take the time to show you all a special card handmade just for me.
Every year i make a couple of great kids a birthday card each on their special day, and this year Crystal decided to get her craft gear out and make me a card.
Crystal is 11 years old, and hasn't been making cards for very long.
I was speechless when i was handed this card, i love it
This is the front, 
Here is the inside
And she even decorated the back, compete with her "made by Crystal" mark
Didn't she do a great job, i have been sorting out some of my old stuff, and i have a  nice little pile to give her so she can go on and create more beautiful cards.
With xmas coming up i am thinking of having a crafting afternoon, where i can help her to make special little gifts for her family.

Now for the news on the home front.
Last Tuesday was a very hard day for me, it was the day i said goodbye to my 15yr old Daughter, Alana has gone to live in Australia with her Grandmother. The previous post explains why this all came about.
 There were a few tears at the departure doors, she even laid down a bet as we approached the to who would cry first, then a very short time later she looked at me and said, "bugger it's going to be me". i managed to hold it together ...just, but then when her plane left the ground, i couldn't hold it back anymore and then for the rest for the day there were tears off and on, even now i find the tears building when i think of her so far away from home. Just writing this has tears falling.
I am missing her so much, i didn't realize just how much i still did for her.
But she is doing very well, she has just got her very first part time job, and is about to join up with the local surf lifesaving club, and is going to re-join with the scout movement, but the most important thing is she is happy and finally has a bit of piece within her mind, what more can a parent ask for.

Anyway i must go, i have a few cards to show you, so i will get around to posting these in the next few days or so, 
until then, take care and keep crafting 

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  1. Oh Sharna ... what a difficult time it must be for you. I hope it all works out ok ... and that your daughter is settled and happy ... and that the pain of separation from your little chicken will ease with time. What a fabulous card from a clever little girl! One to treasure ... I think! Hugs xx