Monday, August 20, 2012

Ballerina Punch Art

Morning Crafters.

The other weekend i attended a birthday party for my cousins little girl who was turning 5 and in New Zealand this is a big birthday one to be celebrated by all, extended family included.

It was a fairy-tale dress-up for the kids, i went dressed as a fairy, i was told that as an adult i didn't have to dress up, but why should the kids have all of the fun, sorry i don't have any photos of that sight, there were none taken of me, well as far as i know there wern't any taken of me. But im sure some will surface sooner or later.

I only had a short time to make a birthday card for the birthday girl, i had totally forgotten about the party until that morning I love punch art and i haven't done any in a while, so i found a punch art girl i had done a while ago as a cheerleader and changed her into a sparkly ballerina, that is the beauty of punch art, you can adapt it into anything with a tweak here and there.

It was a great day, and even the sun came out which is great as can you imagine a whole bunch of 5 year olds stuck inside, i love kids but that would be a test for anyone.
In some ways it is a shame my two have grown up now, i really loved the parties for the young ones, i had just as much fun organising a fun day as i did on the big day, oh well i do have a few big birthdays coming up soon, who knows we might even have a turn back the time party, these are fun.

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