Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet 16

Evening Crafters,

This is a short post as it is late and i still have a bit to do before i hit the hay for the night

A couple of weeks ago it was our youngest child's sweet 16th Birthday. Boy they grow up so fast, i seemed like only yesterday that she was a baby. now she is about to be let loose on the roads, sometimes i wish i could stop time and enjoy them being younger for a bit longer before they go out into the big wide world.

It took me a while to make her card, but she was patient. She did say it was worth the wait.
This card is complete with Green Mini M&M's, which with her didnt last long

Im not sure if you can guess her favourite colour.
If this doesn't give it away then maybe the colour of her room might

yes she loves green, the brighter the better.
So i dragged out an old colour, Green Galore, she really loves this colour so it is one of the old colours i won't part with.
She had a great birthday, hubby and myself are in the automotive trade, so we were able to get her a small car for her 16th, all she needs now is the piece of paper that says she can drive it, but that is still a work in project for her.

Well i must beddle off as i have too clean up my craft room after tonights class over at CA (crafters anonymous).

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