Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bunny Baskets

Afternoon Stampers,

This year with my kids being that little bit older, i didn't do the usual things i used to do with them, all they wanted was a bit of money to get through the last week of the holidays oh and maybe a  bit of choc.
So we got them a large choc bar of their choice and gave then both a bit of money.

But i was hanging out to do something a bit different.
 Between our staff down at our business there are 7 young ones, 
so i got busy and i made them all a little basket filled with a few chocy eggs.

Here are my baskets, 

and yes there is only one girl amongst the kids, well old enough to have chocolate anyway, 
(the youngest is just 3 weeks old).

Here is a close up of the front

And the back

The fronts are a bit wobbly, as i had a time limit in which i had to have them done by, if they were to receive them before the break.

As normal i leave it all to the last minute.....but the kids loved them.

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