Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Annivarsary

Morning Stampers,

On the Friday just gone my mum and step-dad celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, 
so i wanted to make them a card to celebrate, even though mum was out with me at our local theater watching the ever so talented "Herman Hermits" and "Gerry and the pacemakers".
This was one show we were not going to miss as mum and i both really enjoy the music of Herman Hermits.
And boy for singers who are not exactly young anymore they could move, it was a fantastic funny and enjoyable night.
For those of you who know who i'm talking about look at this don't they still look great

As for their card...........
This card was one i saw over at an Australian demonstrators blog.....
Go on over and have a look at her beautiful creation.
I liked it and saved it to "my need to CASE" file, and as i do when i'm lacking a bit of mojo i go to this file for either a CASE or just inspiration, and in this case i decided to do a CASE.

This is such a beautiful design, that i think i will do a few more for my "oh dear almost forgot" box.
Mum and dad loved the card. 

i feel a strange week coming on, well in someways it will be real slow week and in other ways it will go by too fast. With the V'8s in Hamilton this coming weekend business will be bit slow, but i have alot to do before the kids finish school for the term, and if it does not get done i can tell you it most probably wont get done until school goes back.
With the Teenagers being around full time i won't be able to get to the computer/craft room much, my house will be a constant mess and i will be eaten out of house and home.

Well have a great week ahead, im off to go stock up the cupboards, and to hide a few things so at least i can have a few treats as well.

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